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If you are interested in joining our TopBrandBOX Affiliate Program, you can apply:

- By email at:

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- By using the below contact form

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1. What is a valid purchase?

A valid purchase is a complete purchase transaction of a TopBrandBOX product on Amazon.

Note: If the purchase is subject to a refund from the buyer, the commission will be deducted from the Affiliate Partner earnings.  This regulation is  set in order to avoid any abuse or wrong-doing of TopBrandBOX Affiliate Program.

2. When do I receive my commission?

We pay out our Affiliate Partner commission 2 times a month (every 15th and 30th of each month).  Our Affiliate Partner can choose to receive the payment in their PayPal account or via Amazon Gift Card send to their email.

3. How do I know how much sales I generated and commission I should receive?

During pay out of the commission, we provide our Affiliate Partner with a Sales Record reflecting the number of sales generated with his unique coupon code(s).

4. Is it possible to promote more than 1 product?

Yes, it is possible for an Affiliate Partner to promote more than 1 product. We will provide you with a specific coupon code for you to promote.

5. Can I promote products from different market?

Yes, it is possible for our Affiliate Partner to receive coupon code(s) for product available in different market (US, UK, FR, IT, JP).

1. Abuse and Misconduct

We reserve the right to cancel the Affiliate Partner commission payment and terminate the affiliate account in case of abuse of our Affiliate Program.

2. Commission Calculation

The commission offered to Affiliate Partner is based on the Product Price after Discount.

Calculation Example:

Product Price: $49.99

Discount Price: $39.99 (20% discount)

Commission on each sale: $39.99 x 8% = $3.19 commission

3. Commission Cancellation or Deduction

In case of refund of an Amazon purchase, the commission will be cancelled and deducted from the Affiliate Partner earnings.  We reserve the right to do this in order to avoid any fraud or scam of our Affiliate Program.