ANYTEK 2.4 LCD Full HD DVR Car Camera Recorder Review by Dragon Blogger

Dec. 27,2016

Reviewed by: Raymond Stapleton

Review Summary:Sometimes you need visual confirmation of the facts. In a car wreck, everything happens so fast, that key details may be forgotten or the other driver may try and blame you for their own mistakes. With this HD DVR Car Camera, you can record every moment to ensure your side is heard, and the truth is known.

In December of 2015, early in the morning, I was driving down a street in front of a school. The sun was right at eye level behind me. I stopped at the stop sign and was just getting ready to turn when a car turned the corner. Normally when someone does this, they turn into the correct lane of traffic. This guy did not. The sun blinded him, and he turned short. Very short, and he hit me head on.Besides my daughter who was in the front seat with me, there were no witnesses. No one saw the wreck. I am thankful that the guy was honest and admitted fault, and hopefully by the time this goes live, the settlement will be done, but what if he had not been honest? What if he tried to make claims that is was my fault? I would have no defense at all.Having reliable visual confirmation as to who is at fault in a car wreck is sometimes the only way to prove who is at fault. You either need witnesses who saw everything and who may have gotten their cell phones out in time to capture everything all at once, or you need a device inside of your car that will record events for you even when everything is fine.A company named TopBrandBox has such a device, and I got the chance to test it out for you, and I can say without a doubt that I love this device.

ANYTEK 2.4 LCD Full HD DVR Car Camera Recorder Review by Dra

For me, the G-Sensor and WDR threw me as I was not familiar with this so, I took the time to look it up. Thankfully I did not have to go far to find the answer. G-Sensor: Senses sudden acceleration, braking, and collisions in order to automatically capture current videos surrounding an accident, then the important files won’t be deleted from loop recording. What that means is your video will be safely kept on the camera and will not be overwritten when the card gets full. I will talk a bit more about looping and the card in a bit.WDR is a little less dramatic but it allows the camera to capture images even in low light environments. This is not infrared, it simply means that when this setting is on, the camera will do a better job of low light images than it might do otherwise. WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range.Ok, now that I have that out of the way, I want to address something that took me a little bit to get past. When I took my camera out of the box, the first thing I did was plug it in. This is important if you wish to not only use the camera but also if you desire to be able to understand the words you are seeing on the camera. I say this because the default language is not English. I cannot say for sure but I think it is by default set to Chinese, which for me is not a language I understand, and as I discovered through trial and error, what you plug it into when first trying things out is also key.

ANYTEK 2.4 LCD Full HD DVR Car Camera Recorder Review by Dra