The TopBrandBOX Influencer Program is exclusively designed for social media influencers with followers and a high frequency of posts with shoppable content.

Our program empowers social influencers to generate quality contents for their audiences and followers by offering:

-  FREE products samples,

-  Unique and exclusive coupon code offering special discount rate on the reviewed products,

-  8% commission fees for each valid purchases you drive through your blog, social media channels and more, 

-  Additional fees/bonuses depending on your requirements & performances.

Commission fees are paid every 14 days via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card depending on the Influencer preferences. We will not send payment until the total amount due is at least $5.00.

Influencers can combine our Influencers Program with Amazon Affiliate Program and earn additional commission on generated sales. If you don't have an Amazon Affiliate Account, you can create one by clicking here.

This is a win-win partnership !

To see the list of products available, please click here.

Note: If you don't know where to publish / share your unique coupon code(s) to promote TopBradBOX product(s), you can find a list of deals sites and or social media by clicking here.

The TopBrandBOX Influencer Program and its associated products are dedicated to social media influencers who have large followings.

We are not currently offering this program to those who do not meet the social media influencer qualifications.

As we evaluate requests for an invitation to the TopBrandBox Influencer Program, we look at various factors including but not limited to the number of followers on various social media platforms, engagement on posts, quality of content and level of relevancy for TopBrandBox products.

Please kindly find below our minimum requirements to participate in our Influencer Program:

●  If you have a blog website: at least 2,000 monthly unique visitors.

●  If you have Facebook: at least 3,000 followers and post regularly relevant content.

●  If you have Twitter: at leat 3,000 followers.

●  If you have Instagram: at least 3,000 followers

●  If you have a  YouTube Channel: at least 2,000 followers.


–  If you meet our requirement for one of the above social media, you can apply to our Influencer Program for an evaluation of your profile.

–  If you’d prefer not to list them, we will not be able to adequately evaluate your application.

–  In case of a refund from an order promoted by the Influencer, the affiliate commission will be deducted from the total amount due. This Policy is implemented to avoid any abuse of our Influencer Program such as fake order, abusive purchase, or miss behavior. 

–  We reserve the right to terminate collaboration with an Influencer and cancel payment of the commission in case of abuse of our Influencer Program.

We are always welcoming influential people willing to promote our brand awareness. If you have an active audience or followers, we want to hear from you.

–  By email at:

–  Via private message on our Facebook page:

–  By using the below contact form

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