Marsboy Makes Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasMDR16

Dec. 26,2016

September 1, 2016 by Misty Stephens 

Marsboy Dog Seat Cover and Portable Pet Carrier Make Traveling With Pets Simple

My dog, Macy, loves to go riding in the car.  She is a Basset Hound that sheds a lot of  white fur all over my car. This makes it hard to take her with, since I know there will be hair removal and clean-up involved.  The kids beg for her to go with us when we go to their soccer games and other events.  They want to take her to the park and hike, but I usually say no.  Now I have a Marsboy Dog Seat Cover and I can finally say “Yes” to Macy coming along in the car.

Marsboy Makes Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasMDR16

Mom’s Thoughts

I was happy to see it had openings so seat belts could still be used in case a person needed to ride in the backseat with the dog.  It is also easy to fold up and store when not in use.  Clean up after Macy’s car trip was easy too.  I took it out of the car and shook it out to get all the hair off the cover.  For bigger messes it can be hand washed or vacuumed as needed.  Macy looked so comfortable on the quilted fabric.  Most noteworthy was that the hammock covered the entire back seat, so all of my car was protected from her hair.