Marsboy Makes Small Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasMDR16

Dec. 26,2016

September 1, 2016 by Misty Stephens

Marsboy Dog Seat Cover and Portable Pet Carrier Make Traveling With Pets Simple

If you travel with a small pet, who you want contained for their safety and yours, Marsboy Portable Pet Carrier is the solution.  This soft-sided pet carrier is perfect for animals smaller than eight pounds.  This cozy carrier is water resistant, durable, easy to use, and clean.  It has a support board you can remove for washing, and then reinsert back in to the carrier.  It even has a pocket to stow treats or essentials for your pet.

Marsboy Makes Small Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasM

It is easy to get your pet in with a full zip opening on both ends.  The mesh panels on the side and top allow great ventilation for your pet.  Due to the mesh your pet will have good visibility of what is happening around them.  The Pet Carrier has a  padded shoulder strap that is adjustable, and hand carrying straps as well.   The carrier is roomy and the inside is made for the comfort of pets.

Marsboy Makes Small Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasM

Mom’s Thoughts

My cat is not a fan of carriers, but within this one he had plenty of room.  The silly cat was rolling and flipping all over the inside of the carrier.  Griffin normally tries to scratch me through the pet carriers he has been inside, and has drawn blood twice.  This Marsboy carrier was great, in that is did not let him get his claws into me.  It is amazing how such a sweet cat, can get so surly when put into a carrier.  For this reason it is imperative that I can get him in quick and easy. I was able to do that with this carrier. The shoulder strap was comfortable too, which makes carrying it and Griffin easier.Traveling with pets is simple with both of these Marsboy pet products.  Just think of traveling for the Holidays and how much nicer these pet products will make that trip.  Why stress over dirty back seats or distracting cats, when Marsboy has the solutions to traveling with pets.  Thereforegiving you less stressed people, and less stressed pets.

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marsboy portable pet bag

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Marsboy Makes Small Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasM

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Marsboy Makes Small Pet Travel a Cinch! #Review # ChristmasM