Gadgetviper STARESSO Review – Award Winning Portable Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker


-I have probably made more than 25 coffee’s using the Staresso since I began testing it. So far it’s been very consistent and a total pleasure to use. I’ve done side by side taste tests against my Aeropress and I simply cannot fault it.

-The Staresso is extremely well designed and makes a genuinely good espresso without any need for a power source. If I had to pick holes, it would be its weight (especially with the espresso glass). Any hiker will tell you the importance of light kit.  For short hikes or car camping, the Staresso is definitely coming along. For long through hikes, however, I’d struggle to justify the weight.

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Mom Does Reviews:

-Using the Gland Hair Clippers was such a better experience for us. Since they are super quiet and gentle, he actually giggles and says its tickles. Of course a lollypop is a great treat for him at home, but the ease of these clippers making such an amazing difference in my son’s haircutting experience was a treat for my husband and me. Most of all, I love the fact that I can charge it and use it cordless, hence making it an even easier hair-cutting experience.

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gizmag Review: Taking a dip in Touchjet's Pond

By Paul Ridden

--It has much more to offer for education and business users. Actually interacting with a presentation, learning package or onscreen quiz adds a new dynamic to activities in those arenas.

--The tracking and touch recognition were, for the most part, responsive and accurate.

--Setup was fairly straightforward, with the User Manual setting out all of the necessary steps in both text and images.

--On the plus side, the 854 x 480 resolution does mean that the app icons are huge, making them an unmissable target for the stylus and Airmouse.

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technically well:

I’m impressed by the sound and bass that this little unit can put out. Obviously, it’s not going to compete with a larger (and more expensive) speakers, but for its size, it performs very well. And the slim and lightweight design makes it easy to take along for your outdoor activities. ‪

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The Simple Moms: father’s day gift ideas for the athlete, photographer & techie

The Athlete

The Runner X3 Bluetooth Earphones come with a USB charging cable and three sizes of changeable earbuds. The Earphones also feature a sweat proof in-ear design, which is great for those who suffer from sweaty ears.

The Photographer

The Apexel 20x HD Macro Lens comes with a universal clip that helps it attach to most smartphone cameras. You just slide the lens into place over your smartphone’s built-in camera and start shooting amazing photos!

The Techie

the G-sensor built into the ANYTEK Car Camera Recorder senses when your car suddenly accelerates, breaks or is involved in a collision. At that point the loop recording feature actually turns off so it won’t record over that particular video footage.